Abandominiums: Vacant Spaces and the Kensington Renewal is director Jamie Moffett’s 3rd photo book. Each photo navigates you through the twists and turn of the housing crisis in the Kensington neighborhoods of Philadelphia, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. Moffett introduces the terms abandominium and slumlord millionaire, showing us, “The result of these slumlord millionaires having control over the housing market in Kensington is pictured through these pages. The ‘abandominiums flourish and multiply while those who can stop it stand idly by and watch’ “.



New York has the Highline and Paris has the Promenade plantée. Two of the most successful urban revitalization projects in the hemisphere. What does Philadelphia have to offer? The Reading Viaduct: 1 mile of abandoned, elevated track once run by the Reading Railroad…yes the Reading Railroad from Monopoly. Out of use for decades, this neglected wonderland will soon be home to bike paths & pedestrian walkways, acres of green space, an open air event location, top tier restaurant, renewable energy infrastructure, and one of the most breathtaking views of the Philadelphia skyline you’ll ever get to see. Philadelphia’s Reading Viaduct, director Jamie Moffett’s 2nd photo book, calls full steam ahead for Philadelphia’s park in the sky!